Friday, June 14, 2013

that moment

When can you say the moment your life ended and a new, different, somewhat worse one began?

Sure, life has its ups and downs, challenges and hardships. But there are moments when it just stops being what it was and becomes harder. More complicated. And you can't see back to the one you had, you'll never get that one back again. You'll wonder why you ever complained about it. Because the new one, see, the new look at what's ahead, and you see lots of anger. Sadness. Fear. Heartache so crushing it's hard to breathe.

For me, that moment was in a recent 3 am phone call about my youngest son. No, he is not dead or injured. But since that moment, my life has been toppled and tossed like a sightless gerbil in an exercise ball, banging into furniture, crashing into walls.